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Sequentify develops genomic samples processing products and technologies,  prior to sequencing hardware loading 
  • Every Sequentify kit includes everything required for preparing a sequencing-ready library, encompassing reagents, probes, and  indexes.

  • Customers do not need to purchase kit components separately.

  • All Sequentify products are for research use only and are not accredited for diagnostic purposes.

Our Products

ACMG Secondary



Carrier Screening

Primate Parentage


Custom tailored


analysis pipeline

InfiniSeq ACMG Secondary Findings

The ACMG panel, endorsed by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG), is a targeted genetic testing approach focusing on specific genes or genomic regions according to ACMG guidelines. It aids in diagnosing genetic disorders, including hereditary conditions with actionable outcomes. These genes are carefully selected based on their potential for actionable results, where early intervention significantly improves prognosis, life expectancy, quality of life, and overall well-being. Early detection, even before symptoms manifest, enables the initiation of prompt multidisciplinary treatment, preventing the progression of diseases. The primary objective is to identify known or expected pathogenic variants in these genes, even if they are unrelated to the primary medical reason for testing. This approach is especially beneficial in exome and genome sequencing, contributing to comprehensive genetic assessments.


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Oncology Panels

  • Sequentify's InfiniSeq panels offer a rapid and cost-effective solution, equipping healthcare providers with invaluable decision-supporting insights for oncology patients.

  • Sequentify offers two types of oncology panels categorized by their size. The first group consists of compact, resource-efficient, tissue-specific panels, making them an excellent choice for users seeking a cost-effective and lean solution.

  • Alternatively, users can opt for a larger, more comprehensive panel. This option helps streamline sample workflows and provides broader coverage of targets.

Hematology Panels

Our hematology products represent the pinnacle of efficiency in obtaining genotypic insights into clinically relevant targets. They serve as crucial tools for supporting clinical decisions and facilitating meticulous analysis of minimal residual disease (MRD) during patient follow-up. These panels are designed for various hematological disorders, offering essential information during diagnosis, disease staging, and guiding personalized treatment strategies.

InfiniSeq Carrier Screening Panel

The InfiniSeq Carrier Screening Panel is a comprehensive genetic test that covers 216 genes and is specially designed to assist diagnostic labs in identifying individuals who are carriers of inherited genetic disorders. The panel's design encompasses the most up-to-date genomic SNPs and CNV associated with known conditions and abnormalities in the Israeli population.

InfiniSeq Primate Parentage Panel

  • The Primates Parentage Panel includes 4000 strategically selected SNPs from the Macaca fascicularis (crab-eating macaque) genome. This powerful tool facilitates precise pedigree determination, encompassing parents, offspring, siblings, and even half-siblings within the population. The panel offers a fast and reliable solution for tracking specimen origin and providing indisputable proof of lineage.

  • The InfiniSeq Primates Parentage Panel is accompanied by a specialized bioinformatic pipeline. This advanced system automatically calculates genetic distances among all samples in the cohort. It efficiently identifies and delineates pairs and triads, providing users with detailed scores and probabilities for each identified relationship. This streamlined process offers a comprehensive and user-friendly approach to analyzing complex genetic interactions within primate groups.

InfiniSeq COVID-19 panel

The Sequentify COVID-19 panel, harnessing NGS technology, guarantees precise disease diagnosis and monitoring. Ideal for labs looking to scale up surveillance and population-wide screening, it offers deeper insights compared to standard PCR approaches. This comprehensive tool swiftly examines viral RNA, enhancing early detection, tracking viral variants, and evaluating treatment efficacy. Healthcare professionals rely on it for effective disease management and bolstering public health initiatives.

Custom tailored panels

  • Are you in search of a customized panel designed specifically to meet your unique requirements? If the existing off-the-shelf solutions aren't aligning with your objectives, rest assured, we can create a tailored panel just for you.

  • Simply share a BED file or a list of your target elements with us, and we'll craft your very own InfiniSeq panel, customized to your precise specifications

  • At Sequentify we can deliver a fully validated panel to you in as little as 4-6 week

Bioinformatic analysis pipeline

Sequentify offers clients a highly accessible 'plug-and-play' bcl-to-vcf secondary analysis pipeline, designed for effortless integration into existing computational platforms. This user-friendly pipeline is resource-efficient and does not demand high-powered servers, making it ideal for a broad range of users. Even those without prior bioinformatics experience can easily install and utilize this tool, enabling them to independently analyze sequencing results. This approach empowers users to maintain full control of their data, simplifying the process of deriving valuable insights from complex genetic information.

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