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Democratizing Genomics, Sequentify Raises $7M toEnable DNA Sequencing at Scale

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

600% revenue growth rate, Sequentify supplies Next Generation Sequencing libraries and software for cancer diagnostics, carrier screening and COVID-19 surveillance Sequentify will officially launch its InfiniSeq technology at Biomed Israel 2022

Rehovot, Israel - May 10, 2022 - Sequentify, a Weizmann Institute of Science spinoff, enables

fast and focused DNA sequencing. It combines tools from the synthetic biology and AI software

fields to enable rapid targeted DNA sequencing. Sequentify exits stealth mode with $7M in

raised funds led by Israel’s most active venture firm, OurCrowd. The funds will be used to

accelerate R&D, delivery, and go-to-market plans for the company.

Sequentify, on track to 600% revenue growth, already has multiple hospitals and labs as

customers, as well as over 70x valuation growth in less than 18 months.

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved said, “We are excited to be leading this round because the DNA

revolution has just begun and Sequentify has the best next generation sequencing solution in

the market.”

Founded in 2021, Sequentify is based on a technology developed by Co-Founders Tamir

Biezuner and Tom Fleischer at the laboratory of Liran Shlush. Sequentify democratizes

genomics by providing DNA library preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and AI

software that enables fast, cost-effective, and automated sequencing. Sequentify’s NGS

products are based on its InfiniSeq proprietary platform and include COVID-19 surveillance,

cancer diagnostics, carrier screening and more.

Ophir Herbst, Co-Founder and CEO of Sequentify said, "With the decentralization of NGS into

local labs and hospitals and the expansion of NGS into clinical use, these institutions are in

need of easy-to-implement, fast and cost-effective NGS solutions. Sequentify enables DNA

screening at scale with the goal of making genomics as common and affordable as testing for

blood counts."

Sequentify will officially launch its InfiniSeq technology at Biomed Israel 2022 on May 11th. Sequentify’s CEO will participate in the “ACADEMIA - WHERE IS IT TAKING US? SCIENCE

AND TECHNOLOGY - PREDICTION AND ANTICIPATION” panel and it will exhibit at booth


Sequentify’s InfiniSeq technology condenses sample preparation lab time to only 3.5 hours from

DNA to sequencing, with one-tube reaction, full automation support, and dramatic cost

reduction. The patent-pending InfiniSeq technology adjusts to most sequencing instruments and

fits into any lab workflow, thus enabling full integration into laboratories that have so far

refrained from entering the sequencing field.

Herbst: ”As an Israeli company we are already collaborating with numerous sectors of the Israeli

healthcare community, including hospitals and medical service suppliers. Biomed, as the leading

event in the Israeli life sciences industry, is the natural venue to share Sequentify’s technology

and to form research and strategic collaborations.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sequentify’s COVID-19 mutation surveillance kit enabled

mapping the entire COVID-19 viral genome in a cost-effective, fast and automated process

supporting the identification of existing and emerging variants such as Omicron and Delta.

Sequentify is also working on supporting liquid biopsy, epigenomics and virology across its


About Sequentify:

Founded in 2021 as a Weizmann Institute of Science spinoff, Sequentify provides a technology

that is based on tools from the synthetic biology and AI software worlds for targeted DNA

sequencing applications such as cancer diagnostics, carrier screening, COVID-19 surveillance

and other applications. Sequentify is based in Rehovot, Israel. For more information, visit

Media Contact:

Avigayil Simpson

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