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Custom panels:

Custom NGS panels

We provide panel design services alongside ready-to-use kits for NGS library preparation. 
Order custom panels with gene targets specified by you. Send us your target list and we will prepare a ready-to-use custom targeted panel kit in 4-6 weeks.


⦁    Highest flexibility and versatility 
⦁    Send us specific hotspots or whole genes that need to be targeted
⦁    We can target SNPs, indels, whole exons and known fusions
⦁    Receive a ready-to-use custom panel kit within 4-6 weeks
⦁    Dramatic (up to x100) cost reduction using our protocol
⦁    One-pot-reaction (minimum consumables)
⦁    3.5 hours protocol time, only 40 min hands on!
⦁    Start with as little as 10 ng gDNA/cDNA or DNA from FFPE
⦁    High target multiplicity - 10’s to 10k’s of targets
⦁    Precision - sequence exactly what you want



Infiniseq custom NGS panels are unique customer-defined panels that we design per request, and send pre-calibrated with a ready-to-use NGS library preparation kit. Customers should send a .Bed file with specifications of species, genome and desired targets (hotspots and/or whole genes). We will design a custom gene panel according to the customer specifications and calibrate it to work optimally with our NGS library preparation kit. 4-6 weeks after order submission we will deliver the custom panel together with our Infiniseq kit, ready-to-use in any basic molecular biology lab. 


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